THUNDERS & WATT creates music-driven, culturally relevant content to help brands reach audiences with exclusive and loud ideas. Like Johnny Thunders, we are “ready to go steady” and like Mike Watt, “we jam econo”. We produce culturally relevant video and experiential content, music integration campaigns, audio mnemonics and audio brand guides to effectively amplify your brand’s message.

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THUNDERS & WATT applies a punk rock ethos to the advertising and music industries. We work collaboratively and are imbued with the DIY spirit.


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THUNDERS & WATT founder, Jake Brennan, saw his father’s band open for the Ramones when he was nine years old. Ten years later, he was booking all-ages shows and fronting his own hardcore band, Cast Iron Hike. 

Punk and hardcore teaches more than just three chords and gang vocal sing-alongs. Those well-schooled in the DIY ethos learn how to get the job done by collaborating with others and ultimately transforming their limitations into strengths, channeling their inner voice and having something to say—all while staying true to themselves. 

That’s exactly what Jake did. While working as a full-time musician, he was always searching for new, innovative ways to get the project done. When record label resources dried up, brands emerged as logical partners and collaborators. One collaboration led to another and ultimately to an exciting, lean, punk-rock agency model. THUNDERS & WATT was born.

As a strategically aligned company of the full-service agency, GYK Antler, THUNDERS & WATT applies the punk and DIY ethos to the agency world by facilitating partnerships between bands and brands to create awesome content. Like Johnny Thunders, we are ready to go steady. And like Mike Watt, we jam econo.


An Ongoing Playlist Of All Things THUNDERS & WATT. Music from our Office Exit blog, other folks we’re writing about, our friends, and our clients.